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eea.daviz screencasts available

Your feedback is needed!

Dear all,

EEA has been recently busy creating a series of DaViz screencasts and we are about to finalise and make them public through our youtube channel.

Thanks to Valentin Popescu at Eau de Web for the great job.

We know that many of the functionality in DaViz needs an how-to, and we thought the best and easiest way is to do it via a screen cast.

These videos are meant to support both new and existing users in the different features of DaViz and help any other organisation in the adoption of this fantastic data visualisation tool for Plone.

We have two playlists:

Is there anything important you think is missing in the above and deserve a video demonstration?

Any other ideas and feedback is appreciated. You may add comments directly below the video in youtube.

Thanks a lot!

Antonio De Marinis, Web Technology Manager, European Environment Agency (EEA)

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eea.daviz screencasts available
Your feedback is needed!
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